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Who is Julia Grissom Aka Shakergirl797? Arrested, Instagram, Age


One of the social media Stars and a Tiktok star has been arrested recently for stealing the car, do you know about her? Thousands of netizens are seeking details related to her that who is Shakergirl797? her age, net worth, real name, and more. Let’s explore all of this, she is a North Carolina woman who is not in the custody of the police, she is active on her Instagram account, we can see her posts, her hair color is purple, so it was a little easy to catch her.

Who is Julia Grissom Aka Shakergirl797?

Who is Julia Grissom Aka Shakergirl797?

As per Julia’s statement, she said she had purchased the car from one of her friends at $50,000 and did all the allegations for stealing the car. Later she was asked who was her friend, from whom she brought. Julia said she did not remember the name at the end she admitted to her crime and accept stealing the car.

Julia Grissom was caught by the police in Boca Raton, the officers have made this news confirmed that she had stolen the Black Dodge Challenger with the help of a key fob to unlock the vehicle. Julia’s age will e around 20, her exact date of birth is not revealed yet. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Julia Grissom Aka Shakergirl797 has not disclosed her personal life.

Grissom Instagram

For more updates you can follow her on her Instagram account, she is one of the beautiful women. Her Instagram user name is Shakergirl797, where she is holding 75.8K followers along with 246 posts. As per Julia Grissom’s Instagram bio, she is an artist, from LA, the USA she posts her pics and videos with her fans. Now after her doing she must lose her fans, at present she is in jail and held on bond on $1000 USD.

Grissom Arrested

According to the source, she has been arrested from a Boca Raton hair salon with the car she has stolen. Her purple hair helped police to identify her clearly, at the moment police arrested her and put her behind the bars, as of now she is in the Palm Beach Country Jail.

Her family background has not been revealed yet such as Julia Grissom’s father and mother. Being a beautiful woman, she might be having a boyfriend, due to a lack of info this part is also not known. If you want to get more details about trending news across the world then do read all the posts on the sites.


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