Who is Kira Bonder? Wiki, Net Worth, Father, Boyfriend


    Kira Bonder is also known as Kerkorian Binge is a student from America. She is a well-known child of Steve bing( who is a film producer, screenwriter, businessman, etc). He is a child of a celebrity and is also a famous personality. Her father, after becoming the co-founder of “Shangri-La- Entertainment” rose to fame in 2000. Her mother is Lisa Bonder. She also made headlines back in 2019.

    Kira Bonder
    Kira Bonder

    Who is Kira Bonder?

    Kira Bonder is a celebrity kid. Daughter of Lisa Bonder and Steve Bing. Due to her father’s past relationship, she also has a stepbrother called Damian Hurley. Her father, being a Hollywood movie investor, inherited $600million. She ran into many disputes due to the confusion of the actual father. She is 21 and is the eldest child of her father’s two children. She also encountered many trust issues. She was estimated with $8.5 million left by her stepfather. Her favorite color is black and she loves horseriding, traveling, shopping, keen on sports as well.

    Kira Bonder Age

    Name: Kira Bonder
    DOB: March 9, 2000
    Birth Place: Los Angles, California, United States
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Not disclosed
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: United States
    Net Worth: $600 million (she inherited from her dad)

    Kira Bonder Family

    Kira’s mom Lisa Bonder is a professional tennis player and is very much respected. Her mom won her first title in 1992. Also, her birth(Lisa) became huge which bought a lot of disgrace and dishonor. As she claimed that her daughter’s biological dad was Krik Kekorian after which their daughter became a huge headline. Lisa and Krik married each other in 1999 and stayed together before divorce. And it ends up that “Steve Binge” was the actual father who uses to be her ex-boyfriend. Kira had two-stepped brothers named Taylor Jennings and Domain Hurley.

    Kira Bonder Relationship

    As she likes to keep everything simple and private. Hence, her relationship status is not known. As of now, she is focusing on her studies. However, the information will be updated as soon as possible. Although she has gone a lot in her life she never stopped smiling. She knows how to stay calm.

    Kira Bonder Height and Weight

    Kira is of moderate height and weight. Her height is 5’ feet and 8’’ inches and weighs around 68kgs. Her age is 21 years old. She was born in the United States. Not much information is disclosed about her birthday. Will be updated if known.

    Kira Bonder Net Worth

    Kira’s father is estimated to have a net worth of $600 million which is jaw-dropping and Kira is too young to have a net worth of the huge amount as she will inherit his possessions.


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