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Who is Kory Yeshua? Tiktok, Viral Video, Age, Theory Race


Everyday we find lots of new content, clips and videos on the social media. Few of them becomes viral in the audience. The latest viral clip in the fans is the Tiktok video of the father and daughter. The latest video is related to the Kory Yeshua who is seen discussing with her daughter of the critical race theory. Who is He? Kory Yeshua is a social media influencer from the United States who has fans on the Tiktok platform. Here are the detailed facts of the viral Kory Yeshua tiktok video.

kory yeshua age


Who is Kory Yeshua?

Kory Yeshua is a Tiktok user and personality who is California based. He used to share the content and clips with the fans. Kory has been viral over the internet because of the Critical Race Theory discussion with her daughter. Kory Yeshua has total of 270K followers on the Tiktok and millions of likes on the videos. This indicates that he has strong fan followers and presence on social media. Yeshua is black ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Kory Yeshua Age

Name: Kory Yeshua
Date of Birth: NA
Age: 29 (not exactly known yet)
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Status: Married
Occupation: Tiktok Personality
Net Worth: Under Review

Kory Yeshua Race Theory

The video is being pinged by the top personalities and media houses after it became viral in the public. In the video, Kory telling his daughter that she can be anything irrespective of skin color. Kory is an advocate for the black rights and racism. But his one video gone viral in the fans with her daughter whose age is 6 years old.

Tiktok already blocked the audio of the official video after finding it against the privacy policy of the company. But the video is being circulated on different social media platforms.

Kory Yeshua Viral Video

Kory yeshua has 63.2K followers on the Instagram. He mentions himself as the American patriot on the bio profile. He also runs the collections of freedom clothing lineup.

His recent viral video is also covered and featured by the few news media channels. The video crossed millions of views.

Kory Yeshua Net Worth

Kory Yeshua is highly active and successful on the Tiktok platform. His video easily crosses the millions of likes and views with few days. His total worth is estimated under the $200K. He makes money by showing the ads and promotions on the videos.


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