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Who Is Marissa Fitzgerald? Savannah Woman Arresed, Charges, Age


Marissa Fitzgerald is one of the internet sensations, who has gone viral these days. There is a rumor on the internet, which is spreading on the internet like a fire. Do you know who is Marissa Fitzgerald? her age, case, charges, and more. Through this post, we will let you know more details. So do read below the full article as we have mentioned each and every details related to Marissa Fitzgerald.

Marissa Fitzgerald Death

As far as we know she is the victim, who has been killed by her mother’s boyfriend in the year 2017, she was murdered along with her mother. It is pretty shocking, Marrissa is a woman of Fitzgerald who he’s been murdered in the year 2017, the murderer has been identified as Veartis Tyrone Wallace. According to the report, the incident has been reported to take place in the 400 block of West Orange Street.

Marissa Fitzgerald Parents

The culprit is being told to be the boyfriend of Marissa’s mother, Jennifer Taylor. He is 38 years old, who had killed the mother and daughter of them. The victims were identified as Jennifer Taylor, who was 33 years old, and her 9 years old daughter, whose name was Marissa Lynn Taylor.

Marissa Fitzgerald Murder

As per the report of the GBI Medical Examiner, Jennifer was shot around five times, and her daughter Marissa was shot four times. Some netizens are claiming that she was a Savannah woman who was arrested for the murder of Marissa, but it is not true, as we have already mentioned that killer’s name is Veartis Tyrone Wallace. The Killer of Marrissa Fitzgerald is in jail, as police caught him. He was trying to hide in his relative’s apartment at Pine Point Apartments on Perry House Road.

Marissa Fitzgerald Victim

Talking about the charges on the killed, he is in the custody and he has been charged for double murder. So far there is not much information related dot the culprit, the investigation is going on. He is guilty or not, it is not sure because the trial is going on. After the trial news comes out, we will let you know very soon. We are also trying to get some more information such as his personal life and family background. We are waiting for further updates, we will let you know soon further updates as soon as we find them. We will be right back to the new and viral news on the same page.








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