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Who is Miya Ponsetto? Wiki, Age, Father, Instagram, Family


Around the world, the news is getting viral, and it was also captured in the in-camera, as we know about the situation of the America, riots, and violence is happening these days, it seems critical situation where people and police are clashing with each other. Even some people have lost their lives. This post is all about the Pro-Trump mob storm the Capital, and this is what happened to Miya Ponesetto, who is the media dubbed “SoHo Karen” after the assaulted a Black Teenager in the month of December for allegedly stealing her phone.

Miya Ponsetto age

Who is Miya Ponsetto?

As per the source, Ponsetto has gone viral, after the live interview with Gayle King, which took place on Friday, you might be in the swim that what Ponsetto did? On 26 of December, A Black 14 years old Keyon Harrold Jr. was accused by the Ponsetto, in New York City of stealing her phone, when she was in the hotel Lobby. As per the security footage, it shows Ponsetto tackling Harrold Jr, from behind. In spite of this, he kept on saying he does not have a phone, and he did not steal her phone.

Miya Ponsetto Age

According to the data, Chief Rodney Harrison has tweeted on Twitter, and he has also posted the footage on the social media sites, in which he mentioned that, in Dec on the 26th, a woman was falsely accused to a 14-year-old teenager of stealing her phone. Later she also attacked him physically after that she ran away from the situation, avoid further problems, at the moment police were not there.

Miya Ponsetto Family

Now the good thing is this, Ponsetto has been put behind the bars by the Ventura Country police on a fugitive warrant on the Tuesday in Puri, in California. As per the statement of the police officers, she was refusing to get out of the car in the Traffic till then deputies did not take her out.

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Keyon Harrold Jr. is the son of the Grammy Winning Jazz musician Keyon Harrold, he was also at the same hotel Lobby when he was attacked by Ponsetto. She (Ponsetto) is a 22 years old woman, who lived in California, she has been identified as a Puerto Rican. In the recent interview, she admitted her mistake and gave an apology for her doings. For the latest updates around the world stay connected with us.


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