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Who Is Rocco Tomassetti? Net Worth, Shot On Christmas By Son


Rocco Tomassetti is one of the construction magnate, who has his own Empire Transit Mix. It is the company that has helped to shape the skyline in New York City. These days he is the headline of the news because he and his wife Vinceta Marisicano-Tomassetti were shot inside their house on the eve of Christmas, in the morning. Let’s find out more facts related to Rocco Tomassetti’s shooting, age, the net worth we will also discover who was Rocco Tomassetti?

Rocco Tomassetti and his

Rocco Tomassetti & Wife Were Shot On Christmas

Rocco Tomassetti and his wife, whose name is Vinceta Marsicano-Tomassetti. Both of them have been shot in their own house, it is shocking news for many of us. This incident took place on Christmas morning, now what we are supposed to tell you is really shocking. The shooter has been identified as their son, whose name is Dino Tomassetti.

The investigation is still going on, investigators are trying to find out that why he shot his own parents. The reason is yet to come out in the public.

Rocco Tomassetti Net Worth

Who is Rocco Tomassetti? As far as we got to know, he was the owner of Empire Transit Mix, it is a kind of cement and concrete product manufacturing company in Brooklyn, New York. The company was founded in the year 1992, so far it has more than 40 employees and generates a total sales of $5.31 million USD.

Now the Tomassetti family is devastated and they are mourning as of now after the death of a couple. His loved ones are paying him tribute and they are expressing condolence to the family, we also offer our deep condolence, may their soul rest in peace.

Rocco Tomassetti Son Dino

Dino Tomassetti is the son of the late Rocco Tomassetti, he is active on his Instagram. You visit his profile under the username @dino_tomassett, he is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. Dino has shot his parents, his shot his father in the back, and his other was in the head by him. As of now, he is in the custody of the police, we will reveal further details on the same page, till then stay connected.

Rocco Tomassetti Net Worth

Rocco Tomassetti was one of the wealthy people, who was earning a huge amount of money. He was living in a mansion worth $3.2 million USD, Rocco Tomassetti’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. His primary source of income was his profession, which was his cement business.


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