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Who is Ustaz Ebit Lew? Viral Video Twitter, Net Worth


Ebit Lewis is one of the mysterious personalities these days, for whom a number of people are searching. No one has an exact idea that who is he and why is he getting so famous these days. We would like to tell you, he is one of the Malaysian businessmen, you must be confused about his name. Ebit is a Chinese name, which is known as Lew Yun Pau, he is basically from Muadzam Shah, Pahang. As far as we know, he is 3rd o 12 children of parents. If you want to discover about him, it is a suitable post for all of you, we will know most of the things, which you might find anywhere else such as Ebit’s wiki, age, wife, net worth, career, and more.

Ebit Lew Age

When he was just 12 years old, he adopted Islam, later in the course of time, he read more about the religion and went into deep, even he has also said his family to adopt Islam. He has also shared with the media that when he was a young guy, he struggled hard to earn money for living.

Ebit Lew Family

Talking about his early life, then he belongs to a low family, who faced lots of issues related to money. Luckily, it was not a long-lasting time, he worked hard to setup the shop business and investment into the real estate in country. He is a millionaire.

Ebit Lew Career

He is one of the successful personalities, who is an independent motivational speaker, he has visited a number of countries for dealing with clients such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, and more. He has his own two TV programs including Door to door Ebit Lew on Astro Oasis, A Bit With Ebit on TV AI-Hijrah. He also has his own youtube channel with 875K subscribers

Ebit Lew Net Worth

Moving forward his income then he is earning a good amount of money, as far as we got to know he is earning RM900 to 14000 per month, yearly he earns an estimated amount RM11,000 to 170,000 from his channel, he is one of the wealthy people.

Ebit Lew Leaked Video

At present he has come in the trouble, due to his scandal, his fans or you can say devotees are debating on social media sites. It is being said that he is involved in some sexual scandal. There is a video, which is getting viral Firdaus Wong Wai Hung has exposed him, he is one of his preachers. Things are still going on, as his peachers can not believe this.


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