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Who Is Viktoria Kashirina? Russian Teacher Video, Instagram


Viktoria Kashirina is one of the Russian teachers, who has gained all the attention these days. She has gone viral after she was fired from her job do you know the reason? The reason behind her termination is that some parents have seen her pole dancing videos after that it was informed to school authorities and they took action. Let’s find out Viktoria Kashirina’s viral video, age, Instagram, net worth, and more.

Who Is Viktoria Kashirina

Who Is Viktoria Kashirina?

Viktoria Kashirina is one of the recent searching personalities, who went viral on social media sites. People are bent on searching her profile, her pole dancing video has gone viral now, she is doing a striptease on Instagram. After that when her dancing reached to school authorities, she lost her job, she has also explained that it was part of the Instagram projects.

Viktoria Kashirina Age

Viktoria Kashirina was working as a literature teacher till the time she was fired from the job. She teaches students between the age of 11 to 12 years old. She used to be liked by most of the students, she became a teacher during the coronavirus pandemic. As of now, Viktoria Kashirina’s age is 23 years old, in her early career she was working as a pole dancer, several years she worked as a dancer.

In her viral video on Instagram, she is not dressed in front of the mirror, and we can see her wearing lingerie. Many people, most parents of students criticized her for this, and they requested the school administration to fire her. Some are also upset about her, that what happened to her. As of 2021, her relationship status is not known, we will let you know very soon.

Viktoria Kashirina Viral Video Instagram

Viktoria Kashirina is pretty active on her Instagram account unfortunately now she is no longer active there. As far as we know, one of the videos was found by one of the students and he showed that video to his mother. It happened on the 29th of September in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. Viktoria Kashirina’s pole dancing video is getting viral on the internet.

Viktoria Kashirina can be called an Instagram model, hence she had a good fan following over the social media sites. Her personality is eye-catching, which helped her to be more popular. At present she is in trouble because she has lost her earning source, it was a major source of earning. Now she will have to find out another source of earning, For more latest information keep visiting our site, we will post fresh news


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