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Who is YouTube Star Amiri King? Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family


Amiri king is one of the most popular stars on YouTube. His videos are secret key behind his success. He was born on July 10, 1979 in United States as Tony Donovan Schork. And the funniest thing here is that her fellow YouTube comedian Peter Shukoff both took birth in same year. He was fond of the famous poets named Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen and thus kept his name on his favorite poets as Amiri King.

No doubt that he is one of the famous comedians on YouTube channel having even more than 305000 subscribers. He reached to the height of success very quick in digital entertainment world. You must check out his uploads in free time to enjoy. So, let’s find the Amiri King net worth which is collected from online videos.

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His Success Story

As no one is a born star except the rare ones, others have to struggle to build up themselves up to that level and the same Amiri King did. He gained his success by posting different varieties of rants, skirts and parodies. He posted various stuff but one was MY VLOG IS BETTER THAN YOURS series which gained him higher goals and earning as well as also his car commercial parodies earned him a lot.

Now he owns his own channel named royalmediamafia. He is famous for uploading his own videos on channel that are generally about cars and parodies. Besides these videos he also shared vlogs on his own blog related to his personal life. Other than his videos what he does is write comedy content for comedians and also worked as star in several movies.

Chevy Silverado Amiri King

Before going into this vast channel YouTube he started with creating up a profile on Twitter in 2006 and started actively tweeting like I am typing in what I am doing…which is typing in what I am doing. Not only this but also his popular videos including CHEVY COLORADO PARODY and CHEVY SILVERADO PARODY 2 received more than million views since their original upload.

He went to prison

He was also once gone to prison at the age to 16 for robbery and he was kept for 3 years in the toughest prison of Kentucky. After spending three years he again came back home to normal work. In his published work he has published readers digest for around three times. Also his brilliant work made him a hero of YouTube channel.

How much is Amiri King Net Worth?

After getting success, he got happy married and blessed with two kids named Kenny and Tilly. He was famous for his work in surviving the zombie apocalypse with Rick and Ed. His net worth of the year is estimated about 150,000 dollars. You can also find on the Twitter or other social networking sites to follow him for latest photos and videos notification. The subscribers on RoyalMediaMafia channel are also increasing rapidly day by day. He is now stable in his life and living happily with the family. Well, no rumors ever come about his girlfriend and dating.


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