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Who Was Angela Kukawski? Manager Death Cause, Age, Family


One of the celebrity business managers has left the world on the 23rd of Dec in 2021, her name is Angela Kukawski. As per the report of the Los Angeles Police Department, it has revealed on the 29th of Dec that Angela Kukawski was reported missing on the 22nd of December, and eventually, her dead body was discovered in the trunk of a car on the same day. She is the headline of the news, tons of people are showing their interest to know more about her. Through this post, we will know Angela Kukawski’s age, death cause, family, and more.

Angela Kukawski

Who Was Angela Kukawski?

Angela Kukawski was professionally a business manager, who had worked with several celebrities. Often she also used to be known as Angie, at the time of her death she was 55 years old. She was one of the successful stars, who is an independent business management firm which was based in Woodland Hills, California.

Angela Kukawski Age

The artists she has worked with include some of the well-known names such as Kardashians, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj. They are expressing their feelings for her, she has a decent number of followers. Angela Kukawski’s age was 55 years old, she might be a married person, Angela Kukawski’s husband’s name is not known yet. She was one of the who was growing and being successful.

Angela Kukawski Personal Life

Moving forward in her personal life, Angela Kukawski was a married person, who got married to her husband. By the grace of God, she has five children, hse was living with them in Sherman Oaks, Los Angels. Her personal life has not been made public yet. It is said that she has worked closely with Nicki Minaj. All the artists have paid her tribute on her official account of Instagram, Kardashians has also offered her condolence.

Angela Kukawski Death Cause

People want to know how did she die and what was Angela Kukawski’s death cause? On Wednesday the Los Angeles Police Department has released a statement saying there was a homicide victim found in Simi Valley. Her dead body was found in the car which was parked on the street on Patricia Ave. It is a difficult time for all of her family members, we should support them and give them some private time because at this time they are seeking mental peace.


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