Who Was Clarissa Saunders? Death Cause, Age, Wikipedia


    The sad demise of Clarissa Sauders, who was a mother of the silver medalist, whose name is Raven Saunders. On the stage Raven has made this news confirmed that her mother is no more now, this news was announced on August 2, 2021. Raven is one of the silver medalists, who has given the message, as she won in shot put in Tokyo 2020 to give the message and raised her arms. She wanted people to know that they aren’t alone here. We can understate her feeling, what she has gone through in her life, her mom should have been with her at this proud moment, but unfortunately, she left her. Let’s know the reaction of people, and her life journey through this post.

    Clarissa Saunders

    Clarissa Saunders Wikipedia

    Raven has expressed her feeling and shared on the internet, on her official Instagram account. She has made a post, with a long caption. It is a hard time, she is facing, because she was her strength, and she also stated that both of them were close friends. There are plenty of netizens, who are standing with her and supporting her, our deepest condolence is with her, may Clarissa’s soul rest in peace.

    Who was Clarissa Saunders?

    Talking about her mom than as per her Facebook profile, she had completed her education at Burke High and was living in Charleston, South California. She kept most of her life private, she has not shared on any social media sites. Such as what she used to do, neither has her daughter Raven revealed yet, But it was exposed that she was in the relationship.

    Clarissa Saunders Age

    You will be so happy to know that she was so supportive of her daughter. Since the bigging, she was always there for her daughter’s Olympics dream. Even for that, she had also raised the GoFundMe page, so that she could fulfill the requirement of money for Raven’s dream. We really appreciated her mother, she was blessed to have such a mother in her life. Clarissa Saunders’s age is not available yet, as her date of birth is not disclosed.

    Clarissa Saunders Death Cause

    Clarissa’s death news was confirmed by Raven’s long-time coach. In Clarissa’s one of the posts, she has written that she was a single parent of modest means. Many people are seeking Clarissa’s death cause, but so far it has not been revealed in the public. On social media platforms. She has posted her pics and videos to show her love. To come over from this situation, she will take a break from social media sites, Raven needs private space now.


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