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Who Was Rishi Nitya Pragya? Death Cause, Real Name, Age, Wife


Rishi Nitya Pragya was a Rishi, who was being followed by lots of his devotees, he was the soul of them. Unfortunately, he has passed away recently, his death news has shocked lots of people. His fans can not believe the news and they are confirming the news, they have doubts that how he died, and what was Rishi Nitya Pragya’s death cause. Let’s find out all these questions through this post. We will also know Rishi Nitya Pragya’s wife, age, and more.

Rishi Nitya Pragya

Who Was Rishi Nitya Pragya?

As far as we know about Rishi Nitya Pragya, he was a pious person and was a role model for many people. They used to keep faith in him, he used to show and teach people and we can get Spiritual wisdom and balance our lives by dedication, devotion, and surrender. He had a special place in the heart of people, he had also released a book, named Celebrating Life, which was published on March 1, 2021.

He had his own Instagram account under the username @rishinityapragya, he was holding more than 30K followers on his IG account. He used to post his latest update with his supporters such as his thoughts, books, and lectures.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Death Cause

Talking about Rishi Nitya Pragya’s death, he passed away last morning around 7:30 am IST. Rishi Nitya Pragya’s death cause has not been revealed yet, some are saying that he died due to a natural cause. Netizens are still searching for this. His close ones and family members are tight-lipped now, as they are in shock and mourning over his sad demise.

His words used to touch the core of people’s hearts, he was also active on Twitter and used to share his spiritual wisdom. So that people could adopt it. He is being paid tribute, as we can see the flood of condolence on social media.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Real Name

Rishi Nitya Pragya was a knowledgeable person, who was holding a graduate degree. He was living his life as a normal person until he met Sri Sri Ravi at the age of 21. Later with him, he found the deep spirituality, Rishi Nitya Pragya’s real name was Nitin Limaye, he changed it after he gained knowledge.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Age

Rishi Nitya Pragya’s date of birth is not revealed yet, however, we found that he was between 40 to 50 years at the time of his death.Aand his birthday month is Oct, he belonged to Gujrat, India. He had a degree of Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. His earing source was Satsang and book writing, which used to be purchased by people.


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