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Why Tiktok star TNathan Lokius Arrested? Age and Net Worth


Most viral news on the social media sites, that one of the popular Tiktok stars has been arrested, whose name is T Nathan Lokius. Many people are confused that is it just a rumor or truth, hence they are searching on the internet about this. As they know, there are lots of fake rumors on the internet and social media, so let’s find out is it one of them or not. If you want to know, who is T Nathan Lokius, and is he really arrested, with what charges? through this post, we will explore everything.

tnathan lokius

Who is T Nathan Lokius?

First, we need to discover who is T Nathan Lokius? T Nathan Lokius is a social media star and famous Tik Tok star, his username is @tnathan_lokius and @the_savage_lokius. Being a social media star, he has held a huge number of fan following on his social media handles, he is quite active on his Instagram account and TikTok. His fans reacting over this news and going through google to know more details, it is a suitable post for all of you, if you want to knot deeper about this matter.

Earlier in his life, he has been one of the board members of the Mississippi Rising Coalition, later he was removed from his place after the rest of the members got to know his background. T Nathan Lokius is also active on his Twitter handle under the username @l_tnathan.

T Nathan Lokius Arrested?

Let’s come to the main point, then we would like to tell you that, through the sources, we found there is no official confirmation about him that he has been arrested. But yes, in the past T Nathan Lokius has been in jail and arrested. As per the report of The Sun Herald, he has been in prison in Florida for 22 months of three years for the allegation of various forgeries and unauthorized possession of a drivers’ license or ID. He was put behind the bars from June 6th, 2014 to August 3rd, 2016. We will you know with further information on the same site, as soon as we find the sources.

Net Worth and Assets

The TNathan Lokius net worth is estimated as the $1 million. He is also a businessman personality. He earns the salary from the Tiktok by getting the millions of views on the uploaded videos. Tnathan is a famous personality on Tiktok in the United States.


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