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Artist Xanman Age, Wiki, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth, Height


Its all started as a dream and now he has become the rap sensation these days. Today we are going to talk about a young rapper, who has started rapping in elementary school when he was about 12 years old. And now after a long period of hard work and dedication, he is finally closed to what he deserves. If you looking for any information related to Xanman, bio, early-life, family, career, net worth then you have reached the right page. Later on in this article, we are going to put almost every detail on Xanman. Hope you will find it helpful.

xanman bio

Who is Xanman?

His real name is Haile Salaam, was born on August 16, 2000.

“Xanman” sure is one of those talented people who can attract the young generation with his impressive work. He hasn’t contributed much yet to the music industry but sure will do his best to get one step close to success. since elementary school, he has gained thousands of fans, nationally. And the numbers are getting higher and higher as this is just a beginning for him. At a very young age, he has collaborated with many great artists of this generation and sure looking forward to doing more.

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Xanman Bio

REAL NAME Haile Salaam
DATE OF BIRTH August 16, 2000
PLACE OF BIRTH Landover, Maryland, United States
AGE (2018) 19 years old
Debut ALBUM PinK
HOW TALL/HEIGHT 5 feet 9 inches
HOMETOWN California

His career and professional life

Xanman was born and grew up in Landover, Maryland. When he was in elementary school he surprisingly got attracted to music. what he never knew was that this attraction will turn into passion very soon. Ever since he started writing, he has dropped a couple of mixtapes that got a great response from rap music lovers. When he was like kind of new to this he didn’t know how to execute a song and went through a lot of tough time but that only until he learnt Pro tools.

Xanman is eldest among his brothers and sisters.

He also has a partner, name YungManny, who is also a good rapper.

“We have no information related to his parents”,

His work until now

When Xan graduated from elementary school he started getting great attention from the young generation. So he decided to give a shot to music and worked hard to achieve his goals. He didn’t have his own Youtube channel until 2018 so basically what he did is released his music on another channel. In early 2018, Xan dropped his first song on his YouTube channel and things started going to change. He has dropped a variety of hits in 2019 such as “Pink,” “hell yeaa” “Gucci Down” “First Day Out ”

His personal favourite is Gucci down.

He has spent 6-month sentence on Assault charges, in 2018.

Xanman net worth 2019

He has a great fan following of 100k on Instagram and also has thousands of followers on SoundCloud. Xan is not getting big money from rap business but surely will get the big fish. In mid-2019, he got his first mainstream concert with his rap partner YungManny. According to the sources he got an income of $40 thousand USD to $45 thousand USD (Approx). If you want any upcoming news related to Xanman kindly stick with us. We are much likely to help you get it.


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