George Cacioppo Sony VP Wife, Age, Net Worth


    George Cacioppo is the talk of the town, whom several people are searching on the internet. He has been a senior VP at Sony Interactive Entertainment since Sep 2013. Now he has been the headline after he was fired by Sony VP, many people want to know that what exactly happened to him, hence we have prepared this post, we will let you know each and everything through this post, so let’s move forward to explore George Cacioppo Sony VP Wife, Age, Net Worth.

     George Cacioppo

    Who Is George Cacioppo?

    George Cacioppo has been fired recently, he was working as a senior vice president, who has been terminated from his job. And the reason behind this is, he has been caught by an online vigilante group while he was managing to meet up with the 15-year-old boy for a physical relationship. It is such shocking news that is getting viral on the internet. It will definitely spoil the image of him, hence he was terminated so that it can not affect the company he is working in.

    Sony VP George Cacioppo Fired

    He had been working with the company since year 2013, as far as we got to know he was featured in a video by the people V. preds group, later it was posted on the internet on the 3rd of December this year. It went viral on the internet, and several people have come forward to see the video even they also shared the video on the different platforms of the media. Some of them are still finding the video online, netizens are expressing their opinions on the internet they are criticizing him online and making tweets.

    George Cacioppo Net Worth

    As far as we know he has been caught sending some explicit pictures and GPS locations to meet up to a member of the youtube account, named People. V Preds through gay hookup Grindr in October, lure’s age is just 15 years old and George Cacioppo is 64 years old.

    He was servicing as a senior vice president of engineering at the Sony-owned video game company for almost eight years. George Cacioppo’s net worth is around $1 to 5 million USD as of now, his main source of income was his profession.

    George Cacioppo Personal Life

    Moving forward in his marriage life then his marital status is married, he has a wife, whose name is not known. He keeps a low profile, hence he is not so familiar with the media, his love life is private.

    Even he might have a wife, as we know about his sexuality, he is a homosexual. We are waiting for further updates related to the case. We will let you know as soon as we find more details, till then stay connected with us.


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