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Who Is Collin Scott Knapp? Missing Girlfriend, Age, Bio


One of the headlines of the news, which is being covered by its new sites, you must have heard the name on the internet that is Collin Scott Knapp. He has been arrested recently on the charge of the murder of Largo woman Kathleen Moore, do you know who is Collin Scott Knapp? Let’s find out more interesting facts about him, we will let you know every fact related to the case, through this post, so let’s move forward to explore all of the information such as Collin Scott Knapp’s girlfriend, age, family, and more.

Collin Scott Knapp


Who Is Collin Scott Knapp?

Collin is the boyfriend of the missing woman, whose name is Kathleen Moore, since the last week she has been reported missing. The deputy officers of the County found the shocking facts about her missing case. His girlfriend might have died, as per the report of WOGX, officers have released a statement with the blood-stained clothes, which was thrown in the dumpster near the Knapp’s place of employment. Now that Collin Scott Knapp is under the radar of the officers, they will do more investigation on the case.

Who Was Collin Scott Knapp’s Girlfriend?

At the time of missing her, she was 34 years old, as per the report Collin Scott Knapp has a criminal record in his past such as domestic violence with other women. Kathleen was a mom of a kid, last time she was seen was at 1 am on the 29th of November in the Carmel Avenue area of Pasco County.

On November 28, both of them were together at the bars in Largo and Indian Rocks Beach and there was an argument between them even during the argument Colling has also abused her at Knapp’s residence. Collin Scott Knapp is the prime suspect behind the murder of his girlfriend. After that, he was charged and arrested by the authorities.

Collin Scott Knapp Arrested

Collin Scott Knapp is 30 years old as of now, his exact date of birth is not known yet. Neither there is any personal detail related to him, his family background is behind the carton, his details are being kept confidential at the time of interrogation. As of now, he is in the custody of the police officers, we are waiting for further updates related to the case, as soon as we find more details you all will be informed till then stay connected on the same page and keep visiting this site.


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