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Hitman Holla Wife Video Viral On Twitter (Cinnamon Clip Leaked)


Hitman Holla is the talk of the town and he is getting viral these days. Hitman Holla’s profession is rapping, yes he is professionally an American rapper, who is being searched by tons of netizens. You must have seen his name on the internet because his explicit video is circulating on the internet and many users are sharing the video on social media sites. Some are still seeking the video. If you have not watched it then we will let you know more about Hitman Holla’s leaked explicit video.

Hitman Holla Leaked Explicit Vidoe With Wife

Hitman Holla is professionally an American rapper, who is pretty well known among people. In the explicit video he and his girlfriend can be seen, fans are claiming that he has posted a clip to his close friend’s story on his Snapchat, it was a screen recording and it was leaked by one of his friends.

After watching the video and they’re shocked, it seems that it is an intimate video, which has been viral and getting lots of attention. As per the report that video is not worth watching, according to the reaction of the fans, it is X rated video of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon.

Hitman Holla leaked a video that was posted by him on his Snapchat story to his close friends. Ans one of his friends has leaked the video, on Twitter, it is getting viral.

The Hitman Holla’s video has been removed from the social media sites, so you might find the video. So far Hitman Holla has not made any states on his social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter. Twitter users are making lots of tweets and sharing their opinions.

Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend’s name is Cinnamon, she is professionally an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is pretty active on her Instagram account, she is holding more than 331,000 followers, most of the time she shares her latest pics and video with her fans. The couple often shares their bond in public.

Cinnamon has her own youtube channel, where she shared her vlogs, on her channel she has 185,000 subscribers. She has a food business, a fashion store called Cinny’s, and a cooking business named Cinny’s food, she is earning a good amount of money by her profession.

Cinnamon’s net worth is not known yet, and her boyfriend Hitman Holla’s net worth is also being calculated, we will let you know more with the latest updates.


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