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Who Was Roy OBlock? Shooting Video, Killed to Death, Age


Roy Oblock was one of the American rappers, who is rapidly being searched on the internet. You might be in the swim about him, and want to know who is Roy Oblock? Recently Roy Oblock’s shooting video is getting viral on theRoy Oblock internet. Users are claiming that he has died as he was shot to death. Some of still confused and they want to know more about him that Roy Oblock is dead or alive? and Roy block shooting viral video.

roy Oblock

Roy OBlock Shooting Video

Roy Oblock’s shooting video is getting viral day by day, it is being circulated on social media sites. Tons of netizens are seeking the video, and some are sharing that on different platforms. Roy was one of the emerging rappers, the news is coming out that he was shot. He had a decent number of fans, and he was a musical artist. Now he is no more among us, his shooting video was recorded by a person who is not known yet.

Some users are claiming that Chicago Rapper is the prime suspect in the incident. The investigation has been started and taking place, we are waiting for further updates related to the case.



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Who Was Rapper Roy OBlock?

He was an American rapper, who was growing in the course of time. At the time of his death, he was just 20 years old, he has not disclosed much about his personal life. As soon as people came to know his death news, they started to pay him tribute and they are expressing their condolence to his family and loved ones. Roy was a member of the block, which has more than 92K followers on Facebook.

In the viral shooting video, we can see him fighting the parking lot. Both of them were engaged in the fight, as soon as Roy Oblock went away from the person, he takes out his gun start shooting at him, he shot Roy multiple times.

Roy OBlock Killed To Death

Some people were also standing around them and watching all this, but after Oblock was shot, but started to yell and ran away from the incident location. He was also admitted to the hospital but doctors announced his ideas as he was so serious. We express our support and condolence t the family, may his soul rest in peace.

He also used to be known as Oblock Aroy, his real name is not known yet. He was a young and shining rapper, who will be missed by his loved ones, for more viral news do follow the site.


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