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Who Is Stephen Gibbs? Arrested, Stabbed His partner Emma For Lottery


Stephen Gibb is making the headline these days, he is the one, who has tried to kill his partner, whose name is Emma Brown. Because she won a huge amount of money in the lottery and he could not see her worth millions of money. As per the report, now he has been arrested and sentenced to thirteen years, we have brought the post, which is all about this incident, and carried every single detail related to this case such as Who Is Stephen Gibbs? Arrested, Stabbed His partner Emma For Lottery.

Stephen Gibbs

Stephen Gibbs Stabbed His Partner For Lottery

Gibbs has attacked his partner, Emma Brown who previously luckily won a lottery amount worth £5.5 million. He could not handle this thing and that is why he stabbed her several times, as far as we know her relationship was over on Jan 30 this year, hence he was so angry. The couple used to live in their home Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. Gibbs’s partner was in serious condition because he stabbed them on her face, stomach, and arms almost killing her.

Who Is Emma Brown? Age

As of 2021, Stephen’s age is 45 years old, he was working as a flooring worker before his arrest. Both of them have been dating each other since the year 2009, they were in long time relationship, it has been eleven years to both of them being together. So they do not have any kids his partner Emma wanted to break up with him.

Emma is working at the Airport, she is a former Cardiff Airport Worker, she is a genuine personality, who donates and helps people after winning the lottery. We got to know that they were not husband and wife, as they were not married.

Stephen was jealous of her after she hit the jackpot, before they had a property in a different part of Barry, later they rented out a home after winning the lottery in the year 2017. Stephen did not have a good past, he had already done violence in his previous relationship, he had done the same with them he stabbed his previous patterned and her 11 years old child.

Stephen Gibbs Arrested

Stephen has been arrested by the authorities for trying to kill his wife, he was found guilty in the case. After the arrestment was made, the case was presented in the Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court. The court found the CCTV footage, he was charged in the murder case. He will spend 13 years in Jail as per the sentence. For further updates stay connected with us, we will be right back with the update.


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